A few years ago I had the honor, the pleasure and the great opportunity to meet the famous editor and publisher from New York Mr. Win Mc Cormack, who came to Italy to satisfy the pleasure of tasting the Tuscan specialties.
He made a request of a personal chef to taste the typical food and cuisine of the region, for which he was given my name because those who know me, know that I am specialized in the combination of our dear Tuscan land flavours.
So I prepared a gourmet menu thinking that for his high and famous position he would appreciate a sophisticated menu, instead the next morning I received an email from the New York agency that said that if he wanted a gourmet menu he would have stayed in New York.
Then from that evening I didn’t betray his expectations and all the meals for 15 days became typical of the Tuscan peasant tradition.
At the end of the service, Mr McCormack gave me a lot of compliments and left a generous tip.